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Electronic Document Submission Web Portal

An individual not represented by a lawyer (a pro se litigant) may use the court's Electronic Document Submission Web Portal (Web Portal) to submit a document for filing on the court's electronic filing system, CM/ECF. This includes a document to be filed under seal. Alternatively, a pro se litigant may submit a proposed filing to the clerk's office by mail or hand-delivery.

A lawyer may use the Web Portal to file a new sealed case or a document in an existing sealed (non-public) case. Otherwise, a lawyer must file electronically using CM/ECF.

The date of submission will be considered the filing date for any document received through the Web Portal and later filed into CM/ECF. However, if the submission is received on a weekend or a federal holiday, the filing date will be considered the next business day.

Do not submit a duplicate paper copy to the clerk's office after submitting a document through the Web Portal. A document submitted through the Web Portal must comply with all relevant local and federal rules, as well as the Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Filing. Failure to comply with the rules may result in your document being rejected. The privilege of submitting a document through the Web Portal may be revoked if abused.

Highly Sensitive Documents (HSDs) shall not be submitted electronically through the Web Portal or through CM/ECF. See Order Regarding Procedures for Filing Highly Sensitive Documents, Case No. 3:21-mc-1-TJC. Any party that believes a document should be treated as an HSD must follow the procedures identified in the Order Regarding Procedures for Filing HSDs.

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